Mediterana Aromatherapy Centre, is proud to offer aromatherapy massage using premium quality organic oils sourced from Mediterranean islands and based in Jojoba carrier oils.

Mediterana prides itself on the exceptional quality of its essential oils, guaranteed to be 100% pure and organic.

The newly developed, purpose - built premises offer an enticing retreat for massage with modern bathroom conveniences.

The specially designed room is equipped with air - conditioning, ambient lighting, relaxing music and state-of-the-art massage table, all of which are designed to transport you to the calming natural beauties of the Mediterranean island.

Professional staff will prepare a personal aromatherapy blend of essential oils specific to your needs based on an exhaustive consultation. Aromatherapy, using essential oils, is the natural
way to achieve personal well - being.

Our aromatherapy is a complete massage which draws from several techniques to invigorate the body and senses,. We offer full - body massage, including facial and foot massage for a full hour.

Massage lowers blood pressure, alleviates muscle tension, loosens joints and can assist with problems associated with bad posture. It reduces stress and anxiety, can alleviate symptoms of depression, regulate hormones, is tonifying to the liver and kidneys and is effective in treating mild insomnia. It also improves digestion, assists in relieving constipation and diarrhoea and improves skin tone.

Massage greatly assists in pain management and can help strengthen the immune system. And is wonderful for women’s health; PMS, period pain, fluid retention, mood swing, infertility, peri- menopausal and menopausal symptoms.

Whether you have a massage twice a week, once a month or even less, massage is a wonderful modality that should be experienced on a regular basis. A massage every month has been shown to dramatically improve not only people’s health but also their outlook and desire for life.

Massage is a wonderful gift for the person who has everything - an even nicer gift when given to ourselves. It’s about honouring yourself, respecting your body and recreating the balance within.

We have a special introductory offer where you get a complimentary massage after four sessions in a five -month period. Compare the prices and the quality and we’re sure you’ll appreciate the value and benefits of Mediterana’s massage.

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