Aromatherapy, using essential oils, is the natural way to achieve a sense of personal well-being. The wide range of essential oils, with their different fragrances and properties, have been used since time immemorial to assist in the relief of common complaints and to promote physical and emotional well-being, essential oils can be used singly, or in blends, diluted in a suitable carrier oil to create a massage oil designed to provide comfort and relief. Different fragrances can also be used to modify one's mood to calm and relax, or to stimulate - either as bath drops or as air fresheners.

The range of Mediterana essential oils has been carefully chosen to enable individuals to use them in their homes in a variety of ways, and enhance their well-being naturally.

Mediterana oils are organically produced in a coastal region of the Mediterannean which was an import source of essential oils for the ancient Greeks and Romans. Mediterana has complete control over the quality of its essential oils. After distillation in their grown region, they are transported to Australia, checked for quality, and bottled using sterile stainless steel equiptment, Mediterana oils have arranged with Dr Lyall Williams of Macquarie University, Sydney, to check each batch of oils for purity, using the technique known as gas chromatography, to identify the major components and their proportions.

Dr Lyall Williams reports:

"The use of Essential oils for Aromatherapy massage may produce risks to client and therapist unless the oils are of special purity. Usually plants for the commercial production of essential oils are grown as monocultures and invariably attract pests and diseases which are controlled by pesticides and fungicides - now more generally known as biocides. If these chemicals are carried over with the essential oil during the steam distillation step they may eventualy be transported during the aromatherapy massage into the fatty tissues of the body. The essential oils of the Mediterana range are not grown in monocultures and so have not been exposed to pesticides. They are truly organically grown. "