Mediterana Oils has been operating since 1992. As a managing director I have continued the family business which has produced Lavender oil for around fifty years. I was personally involved in distillation process for seventeen years. This is how I have learned to recognize good quality oils.

Mediterana oils provide the only organic essential oils that are exclusively produced on the Croatian island of “Hvar”, in the Adriatic Sea which is part of the Mediterranean region. All of these plants are grown naturally without watering, fertilizing or spraying. Where nature intended them to grow in their natural environment, handpicked and processed using the single steam distillation method with wood fires and rain water.

The Mediterana Lioness Sphinx, which I chose for my symbol, was bought to Croatia from Egypt 1700 years ago by the Roman Emperor ‘Dioclecian” in his palace. The sphinx was the witness in historic days when the Egyptians and Roman people were the first to discover the uses of essential oils.

It has been noted in pre-history of Hvar that one can establish man’s existence on the island four hundred years before Christ. Hvar is the largest island in the Adriatic Sea, being 298 square kilometers, with approximately 11,000 inhabitants. This is an island of vineyards, figs, rosemary, lavender etc. Due to this vegetation, the whole island is bathed in exquisitely smelling natural aromas.

On account of it’s mild climate, the average yearly temperature on the island is 16.3. The city Hvar has about 2715 hours of sunshine annually, hence the well known Viennese climatologist, Joseph Hann, calls it ‘the Adriatic Madeira’. Exceptionally mild winters enable the city of Hvar to provide favorable conditions for some plants to bloom throughout winter.

We started Mediterana Oils by importing only four types of Organic Essential Oils and now we have twenty two in our range. Mediterana’s success in the competitive market of Aromatherapy essential oils is its commitment to purity of Organic Essential oils that came from same region. This commitment has been acknowledged by number of Mediterana users as some nursing homes, who have been using Mediterana Oils with great results.

Before packaging in Australia each batch is tested by Dr Ian Southwell Agriculture Department or Dr Lyall Williams at the Chemistry Department of Macquarie University who has personally endorsed Mediterana oils as 100%PURE ORGANIC OILS.