In the Home, using Lavender throughout your home is a natural alternative to achieve a sense of personal wellbeing, to calm and relax, to refresh and rejuvenate.

* Room Fragrancing:
Oil Burner: Fill your specially designed Mediterana oil burner with water; add 6 drops of Lavender Essential Oil and light candle. In moments the warmth of the aroma will spread throughout the room.

Aromatic Spray: For an instant refresh around the home, simply add 20 drops of Lavender oil to 100 mL of water in a plant sprayer, shake well, and spray into the air as required.

* Luxury with Water:
Aromatic Bath: For a relaxing bath, add 6 - 8 drops of Lavender oil to a warm bath, just prior to turning off the taps.

Aromatic Shower: Place a flannel over the drain, place a few drops of Lavender oil into the water and relax while your feet enjoy the benefits of the oil, and your mind is calmed as you breath in the soothing aroma.

Foot Bath: Fill a large bowl with warm water, place up to 10 drops of Lavender oil into the water and soak feet. Wonderful after a hard day on our tireless workers.

* Luxury, Calming and Healing for your Body:
Massage: For a soothing body massage, blend 10 drops of Lavender oil to 20 mL of vegetable carrier oil and apply to your body. This is not only nourishing for skin, it will relieve tension and anxiety and is a perfect way to either start the day or end the evening.

Facial oil: Blend 5 drops of Lavender oil to 20 mL of carrier oil and apply to the face and neck area. Nourishing, healing and moisturising. Also beneficial for problematic skin, including sensitive and acneic skin.

Compress: For the relief of headaches, sprains, strains and swelling, add 4-6 drops of Lavender oil to a bowl of water, use this to dampen a soft cloth and place it over the affected area.

Direct application: For soothing sunburn, minor burns and a variety of stings and bites apply neat to the affected area. For the temporary relief of symptoms of headache and nervous tension massage neat oil onto the forehead, temples and back of the neck. Apply directly to the skin for minor skin irritations, cuts, insect bites, stings and acne. Lavender also promotes growth of new skin cells and aids in the healing of scar tissue.

The above recommended applications are for adults.
Please change dosages where necessary.
* Infants - 2 years - 1/4 dose
* Children - 2 - 12 years - 1/2 dose
* Pregnancy & Infirmed - 1/2 dose

~ Please note Mediterana Oil suggest using Jojoba as our preferred vegetable carrier oil.
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Health Care, an 'essential' part of your family's health care.

Acne & Pimples:> Dab directly onto the affected area or make up face oil as directed.

Anxiety & Tension:> Place Lavender in oil burner, warm bath or body massage.

Cold Sores:> Dab gently onto affected area.

Childbirth:> Make massage oil as directed and massage neck, shoulders and feet during labour. A soothing compress placed on forehead is also nice. :: Click here for large image of product display

Cuts & Abrasions:> Wash area first and apply compress.

Eczema:> Dilute 5 drops of Lavender in 20 mL Jojoba carrier oil and apply to the affected area daily.

Foot Odour:> Soak feet in a foot bath or make up a spray as shown in room spray when required.

Headache:> For temporary relief of headaches, place a drop of Lavender to back of neck, forehead and temples. A warm bath is also beneficial.

Insect Repellent:> Few drops of Lavender oil into the hot melted wax or BBQ coals. Other effective ways are in an oil burner, room spray, or direct application onto skin.

Insomnia:> To relieve insomnia all suggested aromatherapy applications are beneficial, or you might like to place a drop or two on your pillow before retiring.

Menstrual pain:> Make massage oil and apply to affected area.

Muscular Aches & Pains:> Make body massage oil as shown and apply to affected area Alternatively dilute 6 drops of Lavender, 2 drops Sage and 4 drops Rosemary oil in 20 mL of Jojoba carrier oil.

Sensitive Skin:> Make up face oil as directed and apply daily. Alternatively 3 drops Lavender, 2 drops Chamomile in20 mL Jojoba carrier oil.

Sunburn:> For soothing relief add Lavender to your bath or make up body massage oil.

Scars/Stretch Marks:> Make body massage oil as directed and apply daily. Alternatively blend 10 drops Lavender in 30mL Mediterana Hypericum oil and apply daily.

Tired & Aching Legs:> Make body massage oil as directed and massage into legs when required.

Wounds:> Make Body massage oil and apply or make compress.